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Best Nintendo Switch Lite grips 2022
Best Nintendo Switch Lite grips 2022

Nintendo Switch Lite grips

The perfect console for an affordable and on-the-go option is the Nintendo Switch Lite. This version of Nintendo’s console is one of three options and focuses on the console’s portability as it doesn’t connect to the TV. Although this aspect is pretty great, the things that make it easily portable don’t necessarily make it comfortable to hold. However, with a good grip that’s an easy fix!

Best grip:
Satisfye Zengrip Go

Staff Pick

The Zengrip Go adds rubber grips to your Switch Lite without adding weight. In our review, we noted that not only is this grip super comfortable and light, but it also comes as a bundle and includes a case that will fit your console in it (with the grip attached!) — plus extra thumb grips as well.

$40 at Amazon

Orzly Grip Case

Kick back:
Orzly Grip Case

This case slips over the back of the Nintendo Switch Lite console, is soft to the touch, and comes in several colors. On the back, there’s even a kickstand you can have folded in or out. This also comes with thumbstick covers and a secret storage space for games within the grip so you can securely keep your favorites on hand.

From $10 at Amazon

Jetech Protective Case With Grip

Grip and protect:
JETech Protective Case

Get a case with dual purpose with the JETech Protective Case. Not only does this add a grip to the back but it’s also a protective cover with shock-absorption and anti-scratch. It’s a clear case, so you can add protection and grip without covering up the color of your console. However, there are also color options to match, or mix and match as well.

From $15 at Amazon

Skullandco Gripcase

Switch it up:
Skull & Co. Grip Case

Change out the grips on this Skull & Co. Grip Case to either match the color of your Nintendo Switch Lite or to add some more color. This also gives you various grip style options for different ways of holding your console so you can choose what you like best.

$20 at Amazon

Leyusmart Case Grip

Comfort and style:
Leyu Smart Protector Case

This case has style. There is a cool design along the back and the grips not only add to the look but also allow you to have a better hold on the device. For a very affordable price, you also get thumbstick grips and an HD scratch-proof screen protector. Choose from one of seven colors!

From $13 at Amazon

Switch Hand Grip

Keep it simple:

This simple grip is your most basic grip with a kickstand on the back. This is a great option if you would like to remove your grip when you’re not playing and keep it compact when traveling.

$15 at Amazon

Kiwihome Hand Grip

Traditional grip:
KIWIHOME Switch Lite Grip

The KIWIHOME Switch Lite Grip offers longer handles that grip further down the Nintendo Switch Lite, giving it more of a traditional controller feel. This case also has storage for microSD and game cards.

$15 at Amazon

Switch Lite and comfort

Now you can really get into the best games on Nintendo Switch Lite without dealing with cramping. We recommend getting the bundle with the Zengrip Go. Although it may be on the more expensive side, it’s light and includes the case and thumbstick grips.

For a more simplistic option, the HEATFUN Hand Grip may be a better choice. This grips the back and sides of the Nintendo Switch Lite and can be easily attached and removed, making it easy to travel with. On this list, there are simple grips, grips with all the bells and whistles, and everything in between. You’re sure to find something that matches your play style and the way you like to hold your console.

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Best Nintendo Switch Lite grips 2022

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