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Nightcore – HYPNOTIZED (AViVA) – (Lyrics)

Nightcore – HYPNOTIZED (AViVA) – (Lyrics)

Enjoy the nightcore with lyrics on screen!
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✖ Artist(s): AViVA

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→ うさもち。

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You are poison breathing
Just a fire demon
Take my soul, leave me here
Just a shell, I’m heaving
Deep breath
Deep breath, searching for air I said

We don’t want you here
We don’t want you here

Cause you didn’t need ta
Need ta be this evil
In the end, it’s alright
We are all just people
Step back
Step back; lost chance, you hear I said

We don’t want you here
we don’t want you here

Come join us we want to play
Tell us all all your fears
You don’t want to run away
Now it’s crystal clear

Can’t you see you’re hypnotized
Locked inside those lies
No don’t you go out at night,
you’ll end up hypnotized

Da da da da da da
Hypnotised, Hypnotized
No don’t you go out at night

Try’n walk away but
You cannot escape
Too late now, made your choice
Like I said, too late
Get back,
Get back; think you’re safe, but your trippin because I said

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Video → Sony Vegas Pro 14, After Effects CC 2017
Audio → Audacity

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